If you register in any plan you must be read and accept these terms and conditions

  1. Must make a purchase of Rs 100
  2. This is a level plan
  3. You will need to put withdrawal to pay out
  4. You take your product for one week
  5. You can change your product for 2 weeks
  6. Get the print out of your ID from the company
  7. Reward needs to have all your level clear or else your reward will not be available.In case of dispute, I agree to the company’s decision
  8. If you promise someone more than plan, you will be responsible for yourself
  9. The company does not give you any power
  10. Online payment will require you to enter payment screen shot or your payment claim will not be valid
  11. You have to enter your details correctly
  12. You have to pay 5% income tax and 18% GST
  13. You have to charge the delivery of the product delivery.